Magic Press Corp. is a company dedicated to the production of content and materials focused on entertainment. Located in Orlando, Florida, the company satisfies the most diverse fields of work, with editorial expertise dedicated to tourism and leisure.


We have a highly trained staff, that is engaged in developing quality content, with excellence and responsibility, which makes Magic Press Corp. a pioneer in promoting entertainment and tourism destinations throughout Brazil. Our vision is to have a performance aligned with the most modern and current issues, attending different types of customers. The specialization in the publishing market made Magic Press Corp. accomplish excellent results in its first case of success, “Orlando em Revista”, one of the most important magazines in Brazil that brings the highlights of the main destination visited by Brazilians, the city of Orlando in Florida. We are represented in Brazil in many different places such as newsstands, airports and major bookstores, with an extraordinary sales results, overcoming well known magazines that already exists in the publishing market, with is a result of our work focused on professionalism and quality.